Ship Repair

PT. Asianfast Marine Industries team has performed ship repairs since 1990 in Singapore and Batam. Our experienced team has a proven track record in achieving target in terms of on time and quality assured and with lowest cost possible. With the experience consolidated into PT. Asianfast Marine Industries, we are giving our Customers the best marine one-stop service available in Asia Pacific Region. 


PT. Asianfast Marine Industries has carried out repairs on various types of vessel, such as Luxury Super Yacht, Passenger Ferry, High Speed Craft and others. PT. Asianfast Marine Industries also provides preventive maintenance and repairs for our Customers thus lowering operating cost. With our partnership with engine manufacturers, all our Customers engine repairs, maintenance and overhauls are getting the best service available in Asia Pacific Region.

PT. Asianfast Marine Industries is committed to giving the best service and cost saving to Customers by innovating proven methods and applying skilled manpower in ship building and repair, with first in Safety First and to Class requirement.