Ship Building

Our team capabilities are able to deliver on time, with quality asssurance and lowest cost possible to our Customers.

PT. Asianfast Marine Industries is working very closely with all designers to fullfil our Customer requests and maintain the highest quality of worksmanship.

Located only 45 Minutes away from the Asia Pacific material and spare part main distribution center of Singapore, we are also able to reduce the lead time and allow our Customers to get the best return possible from their investment.

Production Capacity information:

  • Total area is 26,185 M2
  • Production workshop area is 2,420 M2
  • Mobile Boat Hauler Capacity 300 Ton and maximum width is 13 Meter
  • Floating jetty length is 150 Meter
  • Electricity capacity 1 Megawatt
  • CNC water cutter 3 x 8 Meter
  • 2 Unit of Telehandler Machine